Reviews of Malpractice Attorneys

Legal Name of Doctor or Attorney: Michael Rodenbaugh

City and State Where Located: San Francisco, CA
Attorney Review:

Mr. Rodenbaugh has never delivered a coherent and complete case file to me. In a federal court case in the 9th district I had to replace him as attorney. He was losing the case which started out as a simple domain name sale offer that the other party, after being offered the name, filed a federal copyright lawsuit.

I had to pay a lot of money to straighten out the case with other lawyers. In doing so I discovered he made deals under the table with the opposing attorney to keep my evidence out of the case and prevent me from seeing their evidence. He never followed through on our discovery in the case pretending the entire time that he had submitted the requests. All while having a deal with opposing attorney that we couldn’t see the documents. None of his under the table deals were ever discussed with me, the client.

Rodenbaugh is now trying all kinds of maneuvers to keep from producing the documents that will prove our malpractice case. As an alternative he could produce a “privileged log” of documented he withheld but he will not produce that either since it will prove he made an under the table deal to that was sure to result in a loss in the case. Now n a malpractice suit with me he still will not produce the case file in its entirety trying to hide his incompetence.

Amazingly the case was not anything to do with a copyright since I was under contract as a dealer to use the disputed trademarks. That contract was the document Rodenbaugh agreed to exclude from the case assuring the plaintiff would have no opposition in getting a summary judgement. In fact he was setting me up for criminal charges also. BTW, the next attorney fixed everything and got a sealed judgement.

My advice, stay away. He talked out of both sides of his mouth the entire relationship with me and is still doing so.

My Rating: Incompetent and Devious