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What is Personal Injury?

Physical or mental injuries each year are caused by an accident, negligence or an occupational hazard. Personal injury claims are then filed to seek compensation for any injuries that were sustained and the resulting expenses for treatment. Typically these claims involve accidents, improperly working products, incidents of assault or occupational dangers. Occupational dangers include “strain” injuries, asbestosis, emphysema and mesothelioma.

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What will I need to prove my claim?

Whether you can file a personal injury claim depends on the particulars of the accident and its cause. In most motor vehicle accidents, fault or negligence is established by determining who was responsible for the accident and its resulting injuries.

You can recover for injuries incurred at commercial sites such as retail stores or gas stations, but only if they are the result of an unsafe and/or a pre-existing condition. Property owners, renters or occupants could be liable if injuries result from negligence, dog attacks or inadequate maintenance.

Can I sue for pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering is defined as the emotional or physical effects felt by an injured person. This term encompasses depression, pain, broken bones and scars. Pain and suffering is often associated with automobile accidents, though it can also result from plane crashes, assaults and various other incidents. Sometimes a person who undergoes pain and suffering can receive financial compensation.

Can I sue for loss of consortium?

The spouse of the party injured may bring a claim for loss of consortium under certain circumstances. You should discuss this with the attorney. Just fill out the form below.

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