Surgery and procedure-related allegations make up the biggest share of medical malpractice claims, according to an October report by Coverys, a provider of medical professional liability insurance. Data in the report was derived from 11,907 events pertaining to 20,211 closed claims at Coverys from 2010-19. What you should know: 1. Together…(Read More)

Across the country, the number of medical malpractice claims related to COVID-19 is going up, according to new data compiled by Justpoint, a company that connects victims of alleged malpractice with attorneys who can take the cases.  In March, as the pandemic was beginning to take off in the U.S., less than 1…(Read More)

It is nearly impossible to say what the odds are of winning a particular medical malpractice suit; every case is different, and there are myriad factors to consider. To generalize, though, the odds of a plaintiff winning a medical malpractice jury trial are about 50% under the best of circumstances. According to the National Institutes…(Read More)

When contemplating a legal battle against a medical practitioner, you may not know what processes to follow for a successful lawsuit. You’ll need the services of a smart and capable medical malpractice lawyer to strengthen your case and stand a chance of winning. During your treatment, some unfavorable situations may occur with the medical…(Read More)